AI-Powered Manufacturing Workforce

Imagine every team member with an always-on, always-available expert assistant that knows all your manufacturing operational knowledge. Focused on engineering, plant management, mechanics, and technical workers, this AI knows your machines, your schematics, your procedures, your products and gives your team the answers they need to perform at their best.


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Supercharge your manufacturing workforce.

You're not alone: every manufacturer is struggling to get a workforce with the right skills. The older generation of skilled hands have retired. They knew the the quirks, edge cases, workarounds and fixes to keep machines running, producing high quality product.

Now, those skillsets are hard to find. It's taking longer to get machines fixed and running again. You redouble training efforts. Your process engineers document every step. But you have the sense that the documentation -- operating procedures, troubleshooting guides, manuals, setup documents, quality guides -- aren't getting used.

Relief is on the way.

SprocketAI Manufacturing Assistant Platform

What if an AI could learn everything about your manufacturing plant?

What if every employee could get the answers they need in seconds?

With SprocketAI by CognitionWorks, they can.

Upload your manuals, work orders, instruction sheets, setup guides, troubleshooting steps, and more. The AI trains itself on your knowledge.

Every employee then can conversationally engage with the AI to get help doing their job, all according to your work process requirements.

Eliminate wasted time from team members trying to find answers. Put your process guides and manuals to work. Increase efficiency, productivity, quality, and output.

It helps engineers, to. Find solutions to tricky problems, or quickly fetch design guidance for new customer projects. It's like having a research assistant at your call, at super-human speed.

SprocketAI can use vision to understand schematics and help you understand the purpose of a valve, wiring of a motor, or source of a solenoid signal.

The AI speaks to your employees in their preferred language, from English to Spanish to Chinese or Hindi. Every major world language supported.

Want to capture a complex procedure without writing a formal operating procedure? With AI Video Procedures, it's a breeze: a technician can record a video, talk through a process casually, and the AI listens and watches the video, trains on it, writes a formal procedure, and uses it to help other team members. They can even watch the video to help learn a process.

Continually train the AI with feedback from your Subject Matter Experts and integration into your maintenance system. It remembers new training tips and grows smarter every day.

With SprocketAI, ask any question and get immediate answers.

The AI prepares troubleshooting steps for you. Gives you design suggestions. Helps you find what others have done before.

And with its intuitive interface, you get immediate citations to the source material, so the curious can dig in further.

Then, the AI helps you turn your company into an Intelligent Learning Organization: by empowering team members to contribute knowledge, your company develops an intelligent permanent memory that not only helps every current employee, but every new hire that joins.


How can CognitionWorks AI help manufacturing workers be more productive?

The trained AI can give immediate answers to team members from machine operators to mechanics, production managers, product engineers, process engineers, tooling managers, and more:

Engineer: "What draft angle can I use for a 3" tall stamped metal part made of 6061?"

Mechanic: "What do I do to clear an error on the packing line PLC?"

Machine Operator: "How do I lower the oil temperature on the hydraulics of this injection molding machine?"

Manager: "Can you tell me the poundage output last week on line 3, compared to the week before?"

Technician: "The oven isn't coming up to heat, what are the steps to diagnose?"

Tooling Manager: "Cavity 2 is flashing, what did we do to fix this last time?"

QC Inspector: "There's a quality defect on the cap assembly. It's a black speck. What size does our QC guide say is allowed? And how do we fix it?"

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Advanced AI Features for Manufacturing Enterprise

Manage data access by employee group

Want to give different employees different access to documentation? It's a built-in feature. The AI's responses can be constrained to each user's security roles.

Train on multiple plants with fine control

AI can be trained both on multiple plants, but also limit its knowledge to individual facilities, giving you fine-grained ability to control its responses.

Continually train with your SMEs

Subject Matter Experts on your team can easily continually train the AI by submitting new process instructions tips, which the AI immediately trains on. The AI gets smarter every day.

Speak in any language

The AI can speak in any major world language, and answer intelligently regardless of the language of source material. Ask Spanish questions and get Spanish answers, even with English documents. Same with German, French, Japanese, Mandarin, Hindi, Hebrew, Cyrillic, and every other major world language.

Connect to your maintenance system

The CognitionWorks AI can connect to major maintenance (CMMS) systems, including Fluke eMaint and IQMS. Train on your prior maintenance work orders, so your team never has to discover a solution twice.

On-premise available

Regulations or security controls require documents to stay within your network? No problem. With CognitionWorks' on-premise AI version, all document storage physically stays in your controlled environment.

Bring knowledge to the front line

Companies invest heavily into documenting procedures, and have thousands of pages of manuals, instructions, and troubleshooting guides. But they're too rarely used. Leverage the depth of your documentation with chat-based natural language AI.

Text a friend

Newer generations of workers are familiar with phones, but not always traditional computers. By presenting your knowledge base on a friendly phone chat app, you empower them with all the knowledge your company has accumulated.

Solve the skilled labor shortfall

Now, your newest hire can ask questions from your most experienced process engineers -- even at 2am on a Saturday. With semantic search and intelligent language model interpretation, any team member can get detailed instructions from your AI, trained on your documentation.

Industries Served

CognitionWorks serves all industries with skilled workforces tasked with manufacturing products.


From blow molding and injection molding to blown film extrusion, the plastics industry is reliant on expert knowledge.

Machine builders

From technical customer service to setting procedures, AI improves machine builders' efficiency.


For continuous chemicals processing plants, use AI natural language to query equipment problems and production reports.


From stamping to casting, help front-line workers diagnose machine issues or quality problems.


Help front-line employees fix SMT assembly lines and learn correct procedures.

Food processing

Robot troubleshooting, packaging equipment repair, production and inventory querying, and quality control document queries.

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